In the fields of architecture and civil engineering, construction is a process that consists of the building or assembling of infrastructure.

The manufacturing, constructing, installing, testing, maintaining, repairing, altering, removing, or replacing of electrical equipment.

Working with pipes, tubing and plumbing fixtures for drinking water systems and the drainage of waste.

It is a cutting process that uses a drill bit to cut or enlarge a hole in solid materials. The drill bit is a multipoint, end cutting tool. It cuts by applying pressure and rotation to the workpiece, which forms chips at the cutting edge.

We offer the supply, commissioning and maintenance of fire mains. A water service pipe, one whose dedicated use is fighting a fire; connects the public water supply to a terminating point in the building.

We renew and restore buildings. Renovation is the process of improving a structure. Two prominent types of renovations are commercial and residential.

Waterproof or water-resistant describes objects relatively unaffected by water or resisting the ingress of water under specified conditions. Such items may be used in wet environments or under water to specified depths. Waterproofing describes making

Installation of all hose reels, hydrant valves and fittings

We also specialize in the installation and maintenance of galvanized water mains